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Incredibly Secure

Every transaction is signed by strong ECDSA cryptography, and user’s item and bitcoin wallets and credit cards are never stored on the network.

Integrate in minutes
A few REST API calls is all you need

Caprica’s implementation of the protocol and our easy, and highly available network nodes makes integrating with the blockchain a snap.  You can be online in less time than you’ll take to style your app buttons.

Make more from your projects
A distributed network means less cost for you

Building your own is hugely expensive and stressful.  The network can hold your goods in a global and highly redundant network for much less.  Cash in and cash out is cheap and simple and can work through any network broker (we offer this too – but if you want to use someone else it’s cool 🙂 ).

Use the network rather than build your own.

Caprica and the Census Protocol....

Connect to the network today in a few steps.

Caprica has libraries for the hottest languages today – Java, Python, and C#, and a beta blockchain running the current software.  If you’d rather do it yourself – there are open REST calls that just need a valid wallet to connect to.

Once connected, you can resell your goods on the network for tiny fees and cash out in your local currency or Bitcoin for only the fees we’re charged by the bank or network.


Digital goods are now real

Find your own applications.
Tickets and tokens

The network is perfect to hold and sell event tickets and tokens for online events.

In Game Items and Auction Houses

Why build when your can use a world-wide network?  In a few steps, you can monetize your game with salable items and levels.

Coupons and Real-life sales tickets

Use the most powerful marketing system on Earth, the Internet.  Combined with vendors like Awoah – you can target and resell promotions easily and for pennies.

Want early access?

All accepted partners will get $1000 credit on the production network.